surfing on snowboard in india

There was a special pull that I always had for water bodies since I was a child. Coming from a society, that has massive anxiety from water bodies, I found it difficult to explore the water world. But growing up, I did learn to swim well and explored lakes, ponds, rivers and even the ocean bodies. But there was something missing. The massive waves and the force of the sea at the beaches used to always fascinate me and built up the desire to surf them. So I had to try it out.

With no possibilities to learn it around, I got my own surfboard and started self- teaching. YouTube helped a lot. Playing around with the board on the waves was tough but brought immense pleasure. Finally, these experiments lead to learning surfing techniques well. That day when I rode the surfboard for the first time, was the time I knew that I am hooked. Hooked to surfing. Looking down at the water, realizing how powerful a simple wave is, and made me fall in love with it. I used to be meters away from the shore where no one else could reach me made me feel powerful and more connected to the water. Paddling my way into the sea to find that perfect wave had become into an obsession. Finding one and then riding it took this to another level. I started sharing my new found passion with friends and family and soon realized that there were many like me, but didn’t dare to challenge the sea. Over time, I realized how rough and dangerous the sea can be. So to manage with this, I worked on my physical endurance and worked on understanding the sea and its capabilities.

Today my passion makes me take trips around the country exploring new coastal fronts and explore more surfable beaches. It has let me interact with the locals, who share their knowledge of the sea. In this process, not only finding the right waves becomes possible but I live and experience the local culture and lifestyles. It gives me immense joy to see how people get excited seeing a surfboard and wants to share everything they know just to see you catch that wave. I do hope that people around the country get to experience what I am living for a long time now and find like-minded surfers to share their experiences and stories. Let Indian beaches are explored more and we produce more surfers in the future.

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