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Summer camps are a great way to ensure kids make the best use of their holidays by acquiring and learning an entirely new skill. This way youngsters can explore their potential and passion for certain arts or sports and simultaneously widen their horizons. Let’s get rid of the Nature deficit disorder.
Parents can join their kids for this camp too.
The camps will start from 15th April till the end of May
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Schedule for Summer Camp

For Junior Surfers (5 Days)


After choosing your surfboard the first surf lesson starts with fifteen minutes of theory about surfboards, tides, and safety. After that, we take the sea for one and a half hour to put the theory into practice. The student will body board on foam waves (white water wave) and if that goes well, get up and surf the waves straight by popping up on the surfboard.

During follow-up surf lessons, he or she will learn to paddle for a wave, to surf down the wave line, tilt on the wave with the board and improve technique on a personal level with the Instructor. They will then discover their style of surfing, learn how to read and understand waves and how to safely paddle and catch waves themselves.

The fifth day would be a bit of freestyling and a small point based competition among all the junior surfers. This will help us select 5 surfers pan India whom we will be training so that can become professional surfers.

Locations: Mumbai, Goa, Mangalore, Chennai

For Junior Kayakers (3 Days)

After the basic safety briefing, understand signaling and kayaking etiquettes. Understand docking, launching and paddling your kayak and then Practice sitting and balancing in the Kayak and rowing in the river.

Learn and practice to manage your kayak on surf zones and surf with your kayak. Learn how to come back straight up after a tumble, also learn speed and power paddling. Practice.

Plan for a kayaking trip in all possible conditions, learn towing, rescue, self-rescue and become proficient at kayaking. You will then plan & lead your own short kayaking trip.

Location: Rameswaram, Chennai, Goa, Mangalore, Manali, Rishikesh

Kayaking | Extreme Sports India

Handling and Taking off the kayak.


Balancing and Self-towing.


Paddling, Rowing and finally Planning kayaking trips

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